July 2019
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Voice & Text on a Multi-Capable API Platform
Helping small businesses and Enterprise clients around the globe. Connect to each other, one phone call at a time.
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About Us

QuestBlue’s asterisk sip trunking is committed to providing the best PBX and communication technology and support to serve your needs. We have supplied our customers with asterisk-based SIP trunks, PBX systems, & telephones.

Our mission is to listen to our client’s specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence. To this end, we operate out of a fully redundant data center to ensure you are provided service consistently and reliably.


Our customer portal is 100% automated, allowing you to perform any administrative task for your account. Add SIP trunks, that are run on asterisk, in real time including telephone number porting, DID ordering, and support tickets.

Our portal also provides a fully automated API for you to integrate to your applications, website, or portal. You can use all the capabilities our portal offers in order for you to be able to provide more products and services to end-users.

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Global Operations Centers
Headquartered next to RTP, our GOC is staffed with knowledgeable engineers available to assist.
Data Center
Our data center ensures that you will always have access to your PBX and our switch. Never miss a call.
Switch Team
We employ a number of talented and experienced network engineers to keep our systems running smoothly at all times.
Local Number Portability Team
Our team of LNP specialists is quick, proficient, and professional - one less thing to worry about when running a business.
Quality Communication
With QuestBlue’s asterisk SIP services, individuals and businesses gain the tools to connect themselves to the world. Between our responsive data center and powerful portal, users and IT managers can set themselves up with an asterisk-based SIP trunk with absolutely no wait.

Registration is easy
SIP trunk access/provisioning is instantaneous
Unlimited channels per trunk
Short call duration is accepted
We welcome Vici Dial, Go Auto Dial, and many more
DIDs (regular or Toll Free): $0.50/month
Rate per minute: $0.009
TF rate per minute: $0.0144
Directory Listing: $0.60/month
iFax numbers: $9.95/month
No long-term agreements
Pre-pay for minutes, refill automatically
All major credit cards accepted
24,812 rate centers worldwide
Free customer support
Why Choose QuestBlue?
Exceptional Services

QuestBlue offers tiered pricing, compatible SIP endpoints, protection from fraud, and services delivered via our high availability data centers.

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This is What You Get

Our asterisk sip trunks allow you to have unlimited channels while giving you the power to manage your entire operation in real-time. You'll be routing calls in no time!

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API Difference

Every service we offer is part of our worldwide network! Instant provisioning of every service is available to you with the ability to scale to your requirements.

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A robust PBX that you can download and install on your own hardware or host it in our cloud. You can remove our branding and replace it with your own!

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Learn How to Download QuBe PBX... 
for FREE!
When using your QuBe PBX with QuestBlue Systems, you can easily be up and running in minutes. From your easy-to-navigate user portal, you can order all communication services in real-time: DIDs, SIP Trunks, 911 services, and you can manage refill options to keep your account going. In just a couple clicks and a few seconds you will have a working phone number pointing to your PBX.

*Registration is required to download software
Need help with navigating through our customer portal or PBX? Utilize our YouTube videos and take your business to the next level.
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We are CPNI and GDPR compliant!
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