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Build your ideal communications system using free Asterisk open source framework and our reliable SIP trunks

Asterisk SIP Trunking Now Part of QuestBlue

We are excited to announce that Asterisk SIP Trunking has combined its products and solutions with QuestBlue. Asterisk SIP Trunking support the Mission of QuestBlue in becoming the leading provider of wholesale voice services. We have aligned our resources and development efforts to bring you high-performing products thought continuous innovation & operational excellence.

Products & Services

Wholesale Voice

Origination & termination voice


Cloud based PBX for businesses

Messaging APIs

Send and receive text messages

Online Fax

Virtual faxing on any device


Fast, reliable emergency services

SIP Blue 2.0

Feature-rich softphone application

why choose QuestBlue SIP trunks for Asterisk

Easy Integration

Built for Asterisk. Our SIP Trunks integrate seamlessly, making your switch smooth and painless.


Grow effortlessly. Add or remove SIP trunks on demand, ensuring your system always keeps pace with your business.

Highly Trained Team

Expert support, seamless transition. Our technical team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Leverage a powerful, 100% automated voIP platform

Manage and grow your business by leveraging our fully automated VoIP communications platform

Advantages of Choosing QuestBlue SIP Trunks

9,000 On-Net Rate Centers

Experience the power of a truly expansive network. With our SIP trunking services, you'll enjoy the largest coverage in the nation, ensuring seamless voice communication across the country. No matter where your business takes you, you can stay connected with crystal-clear call quality and reliable service.

Flexible Rates

Enjoy the ultimate in cost-effective communication with our pay-as-you-go SIP trunk plans. Designed to adapt seamlessly to your business size and usage patterns, our flexible pricing structure eliminates the burden of rigid contracts and guarantees you only pay for the minutes or channels you utilize.

Reliable Service

Get the confidence that comes with knowing your network is built for unwavering reliability. Our robust infrastructure boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime, achieved through meticulous redundancy. This means you can rest assured that your critical communications will always be available, when you need them most.

Dedicated server solutions

All of our Asterisk servers are avaialble within minutes of ordering

Dedicated Servers

Our physical servers operate with RAID, SAS 15K RPM drives, and are pre-configured with either FreePBX or QuBePBX. Automatic backup every night to our local SAN ensures data safety.

Our virtual servers are available with FreePBX and QuBePBX. Automatic backup every night to our SAN ensures data safety.

Our high-availability servers come with FreePBX. Please contact us for more information. (Please note that if you require a FreePBX HA Node you must purchase a license from Sangoma.)


Asterisk SIP Trunking FAQs

What VoIP phones work with Asterisk SIP Trunk?
All SIP IP phones, soft phones or mobile applications can be used with Asterisk.
Monitor call quality, regularly review your configuration, and test your failover procedures to ensure smooth operation
Implement strong passwords, use encryption protocols like TLS, and keep your Asterisk system updated to prevent unauthorized access.
We do provide technical support to configure SIP Trunks with your Asterisk system.

You can download asterisk at the following website.

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