Asterisk SIP Trunking, No Contract Required

QuestBlue's SIP Trunking is designed, delivered, and supported by professionals right here in the United States.

From quick and easy ordering of new SIP Trunks on our user portal, to support from our staff of experts for all distributions of Asterisk and a number of brands of IP phone, QuestBlue strives to ensure that you'll never be without your phone service. You can be sure that the root of any issue will be discovered and resolved by the Asterisk experts.

On top of that, it's easy to get started. Simply register for a new account to start on the path to fewer headaches, lower bills, and more time for your business.

Start Saving in Minutes

Deploying our SIP Trunking in lieu of traditional phone lines greatly reduces an organization's telephony costs while implementing a higher standard of service through your Asterisk server or any other IP PBX. Replacing terminated T1-based PSTN connections with our SIP Trunks simplifies communication resources into a single data connection and enhances UC quality. SIP Trunks can lower rates instantly for local and long distance calls, and allows companies to save thousands off their phone bills.

SIP Trunking Features

  • Scalable - no channel limits. Start small, grow with your needs.
  • Streamlined - end-to-end connectivity with Asterisk and Asterisk-based GUIs.
  • Universal - works with virtually any IP PBX.
  • Number Porting - easy to use SIP Trunking LNP submission process.
  • DID - affordable DIDs and Toll Free numbers at $0.50 each/month.
  • Codec Support - G.711, u/a and Codec Pass Through
  • E911 - offering enhanced 911 for your USA DIDs
  • Fax - Virtual Fax Accounts are available in every user portal account.
  • Migration - easily connect to a legacy system with an IP gateway.

Additional Services

QuestBlue offers these services at no extra charge

  • Securing your Asterisk SIP Trunk to avoid fraud charges
  • Setting up your SIP Trunk
  • Configuring inbound and outbound routes
  • Configuring dial patterns
  • Telephone Support
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • Consultation on projects
  • Unlimited porting of your DIDs at no additional cost - QuestBlue Systems will port your entire DID database for free, if they are all on the same BTN and account (restrictions apply).