Virtual PBX

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  • Ready in minutes

Dedicated PBX

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  • 1U of rack space with power

Full Private Rack

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  • An entire rack in our high-performance data center

Full private rack comes with 1-year commitment. Physical servers require utilizing QuestBlue SIP Trunking. Contact a QuestBlue representative for more information.

Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are the perfect solution for small to moderate business needs

Virtual servers can be up and running within minutes of a request. Cost-effective and powerful, virtual servers provide an ideal solution for those who require flexibility from their phone provider to grow as they do.

Dedicated Servers

QuestBlue can provide you with a private dedicated server with the bandwidth and Asterisk installed for an all-in-one solution.

All of our servers are enterprise-grade servers with RAID and 15K SAS storage and 16 GB of RAM. Every physical server is ready to support your high-demand environment and equipped for extreme PBX conditions. Dedicated servers are the ultimate solution for high-volume businesses.

Full Private Rack

When a dedicated server isn't enough, QuestBlue offers the ability to dedicate a full server rack to your needs.

Full server racks are a great solution for anybody looking to expand their presence in the world of VOIP and develop their reseller business. Speak with a QuestBlue representative to get more information about working with you to grow your business.

Session Border Controllers

If you're looking to take your reseller business to the next level, QuestBlue has the answer.

Your own private switch will provide a separate access point for your customers from QuestBlue, allowing for greater control over your business. Powerful, these SBCs can handle 50000 subscriber lines and 50 calls per second, with an unlimited number of SIP peerings and Class 4 peerings. Speak with a QuestBlue representative to get more information.