Pay-Per-Minute Charges
Monthly Charges
  • SIP Trunk$0.00
  • USA DID$0.50
  • USA Toll Free DID$0.50
  • vFax DID$9.95
  • CNAM$2.00
  • QuBePBX$0.00
  • Directory Listing$0.60**
  • On-Network e911***$1.50
  • Off-Network e911****$5.00

*Customers with high volume will qualify for lower rates than those listed! Contact us for details.

**Directory Listing also comes with a one-time $5.00 setup fee.

***All outbound services to 911 require a mandatory 911 Address Registration and you must send a properly formatted Outbound Caller ID for the 911 call to be processed correctly and avoid a $100 non-refundable fee.

****This service is for customers that do not have a particular DID with QuestBlue and would like to be able to route emergency calls to the local PSAP.

Virtual PBX

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  • Ready in minutes

Dedicated PBX

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  • 1U of rack space with power

Full Private Rack

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  • An entire rack in our high-performance data center

Full private rack comes with 1-year commitment. Physical servers require utilizing QuestBlue SIP Trunking. Contact a QuestBlue representative for more information.

Data Center Features

General Features

  • 45,000 Square Foot Raised Floor
  • Subfloor Cable Management and Power Distribution
  • Customized Cage, Private Suite, and Cabinet Space Available
  • Conditioned AC Power
  • 24 Foot Raised Floor
  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Center

Security Systems

  • Biometric Fingerprint Readers
  • Card and PIN Access
  • Combination Lock Cabinets
  • 27/7/365 Monitored Video Surveillance

Environmental Controls/Redundancy

  • Redundant Backup Power with Multiple UPSs and Generators
  • 20.75 MW Generating Capacity
  • Redundant Network Infrastructure
  • Controlled Temperature and Humidity Via HVAC Units
  • Dry Pipe/Gas Dual-Action Fire Suppression System
  • Geographic Diversity/Redundancy via Multiple Data Centers

Internet/Access Options

  • Burstable up to 100 Mbps+
  • Diverse Fiber Entry Points: OC-12 up to OC-192
  • Internet/Network Access Options: DS-1, DS-3 or OC-X Connectivity
  • Carrier Access to ATM, Frame Relay, and ISDN (BRI, PRI)
  • Redundant Internet with Multiple Tier 1 Providers
  • Multi-Carrier Loop Access - Verizon Business, tw Telecom, Time Warner Cable, AT&T and Level 3
  • Metro Ethernet at 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps Connectivity