You can keep your existing telephone number!

At QuestBlue we pride ourselves in being the best in the porting industry. We have a dedicated team that will work diligently on your LNP requests to make sure we are moving forward on a daily basis. We have set up an innovative process that makes porting smooth from start to finish. Our LNP Departement runs a bit differently from others, providing a unique, hands-on experience with port requests. In addition to our automated LNP submission via the user portal, our team members provide additional support to help answer any questions that come up, provide guidance if needed to begin a port, and facilitate the best way to proceed with porting if issues arise from the losing carrier.

Have you been looking at changing service providers but don't want to get hit with huge porting fees? On Project Ports QuestBlue has the solution for you, with free or reduced porting costs of domestic and toll-free numbers. Project Ports are qualified on an individual basis. Depending on carriers and rate centers, a Project Port may qualify at as little as 10 DIDs or 100 DIDs. Our team of LNP experts will help you decide the best way to port your numbers into the QuestBlue footprint with no down-time.

We have recently expanded our local DID footprint to become one of the largest DID providers in the world. This expanded coverage will help you sell to more people in more places. We now offer LNP in all parts of the world along with DID origination. Some country restrictions apply for certain regions. Qualifications of a local address and proof may be required for some countries outside the USA.

Emergency e911 services for USA telephone numbers are now available for OPF-NET DIDs. If you are using your SIP Trunk to QuestBlue for outbound calling only, you can add OFF-NET e911 to DIDs in your user portal. In the event of an emergency we will connect your OFF NET DID to the local PSAP when dialed.

Why wait? Move your DIDs to QuestBlue today! Call us to find out how we can help. You can also complete our contact form here!

You can also visit our LNP Help Page for porting FAQs.